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Tuesday, 22 March 2011 11:36
Optimum industries Pvt Ltd  has completed 20 years of successful business in Pakistan and 12 years of Export Business.
Areas of Businesses in Pakistan
The following are the key companies engaged in Manufacturing and Exporting of products mentioned under the heads.
· Optimum Onyx Marble Company
Onyx/Marble(Tiles, Mosaics, Moldings, Fireplaces, Table Tops, Vases, Shower trays, Planters, Knob Pulls, Columns & Pillars, Pedestals, Bath  Tubs, Sinks and Basins, Stair Steps, Fountains, Medallions, Vanity Tops, Slabs, Bathroom Accessories
· Optimum Himalayan Salt Company
Edible Himalayan Salt, Natural and Crafted lamps, Candle Holders, Bath Salt Chunks, Animal Salt Licks, Tiles, Bricks, Massage Stones and  Salt Soaps
· Optimum Handicrafts
Onyx Handicrafts, Marble Handicrafts, Lapis handicrafts, Wood Handicrafts, Brass Handicrafts, Vases & Urns ( Onyx, Marble, Lapis, Wood  and White Plaster Hand Painted)
Optimum Onyx Marble LLC MD USA
Liaison Office from Importers and Wholsellers in USA
Sale and Distribution of Optimum Product line in USA
Trade Show Participation for Brand Marketing
Optimum Retail - The Online Store
To cater the need of individual user, and their inquiries Optimum has initiated warehouse inventory of Onyx Crafts, Marble Crafts, Himalayan Salt Crafts. Individual buyer may buy online at www.optimum-retail.us


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